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Writing Your Future Story with Nick Hardwick

In this episode of Life Beyond the Game, Joe Hawley talks with former NFL center, Nick Hardwick about his athletic journey and how he has navigated life since retirement. Joe and Nick dive into how he knew it was time to transition, finding new purpose, and the physiological changes that occur in when your athletic career ends.  

Nick Hardwick’s Story

Nick Hardwick is first and foremost a devoted husband to his wife Jayme and father to his two rowdy boys and Tijuana rescue dog. He is now a health and fitness enthusiast, passionate about sharing his health journey in order to positively touch as many lives as possible. He is committed to ongoing learning and passing on his knowledge to the world.

Prior to pursuing his health journey, Nick spent 11 years playing at the center position for the San Diego Chargers. During his NFL career, he learned the value of work ethic and dedication and has successfully applied those values to achieve a quality and purposeful life after the game.

Nick Hardwick, former NFL athlete

Discussed in this episode:

  • Nick’s incredible athletic journey in high school and college
  • How he knew it was time to walk away from the NFL 
  • How Nick shed weight so quickly when he stopped playing football
  • Recalibrating our goal and checking in with your “why”
  • The dramatic physiological changes that can take place in the body when your athletic career ends and tools to combat CTE 
  • Finding new meaning and purpose when football is over
  • Nick’s vision for himself and for the future 

Tools and works from the episode:

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