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Shifting Your Identity and Nurturing Your Life with Anthony Trucks

This episode of Life Beyond the Game features former NFL athlete, Anthony Trucks. In this conversation, Joe Hawley and Anthony dive into how he stepped into his purpose and shifted his identity, the process and practice of training the mind and his entrepreneurial journey.

Anthony Trucks’s Story

Anthony is a foster kid turned NFL athlete and serial entrepreneur with one serious superpower. Making Shift Happen, no matter what, by accessing the power of identity. After overcoming over 30+ traumatic life events, and navigating the identity shifts that followed, Anthony has come to be known as the leading expert in “Shifting”. Which is making a shift internally, to elevate how you operate externally, which in turn changes your life. 

With his unique system called “The Shift Method”, Anthony weaves together neuroscience, psychology, technology, and hard-fought life lessons to help anyone with a desire for more in their life achieve any goal they want, or have ever wanted. Before making it apparent their goals were actually set far below their true potential in the first place. Buckle up, It’s time to Make Shift Happen.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Anthony’s childhood, early athletic career,  and how he ended up where he is today
  • The story of meeting his real father at 20 years old 
  • How we can come back to forgiveness, compassion, and love 
  • Anthony’s journey in the NFL and the challenges that he faced in the league
  • Transitioning out of the NFL and into entrepreneurship 
  • How Anthony stepped into his purpose and shifted his identity
  • The process and practice of training the mind 
  • Practices for understanding who we are and setting your own scale

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