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Reinventing Yourself and Letting Your Imagination Run Wild with Femi Ayanbedajo

In this episode of Life Beyond the Game, Joe Hawley talks with Femi Ayanbedajo about his long NFL career and how he used discipline and hard work to find success at the highest level. We also get into Obafemi’s transition out of the league and how he has used the discipline and self-awareness that he cultivated in the league to reinvent himself and build a career in technology and human optimization. Femi is an amazing example of someone who has been able to consciously transition and find purpose and meaning outside of professional sports. 

Femi Ayanbadejo’s Story

Femi is a former NFL player, founder of Health Reel, NASA Technology partner, a human performance expert and a certified nutritionist. Femi Joined Momentum Elite as a keynote speaker in 2021. Femi’s keynotes deliver an impactful, motivating, and moving punch and tie together mental, emotional, and physical health (a.k.a. Self  Health) to maximize personal and team performance via the PRO Methodology. 

After graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Psychology, Femi played 11 amazing years in the NFL, was a member of the Ravens 2000 Super Bowl  Championship Team, and was voted NFLPA representative by teammates in Arizona from 2005-2007. 

From 2010 to 2014, before founding HealthReel and right out of retirement, Femi co-founded a fitness facility as a personal trainer, nutrition specialist and speed/agility coach. Femi then entered the MBA program at Johns Hopkins with an emphasis in Digital Health. This is where the idea for HealthReel started. He graduated from  Hopkins in 2016 and formed HealthReel in late 2017.  

HealthReel is a digital Self-Health assessment and education platform. HealthReel views customers holistically and understands the interconnected relationship between mental, emotional and physical health outcomes. The proprietary blend of algorithms generates personalized health information in minutes via any smart device from any location the customer desires. The HealthReel report generates over 20 data points covering mental health, physical fitness, healthy weight recommendations, metabolic performance and nutritional guidance. Last but not least HealthReel supplements reporting with video content. This “user journey” experience is designed to deploy one new video a week covering HealthReel’s four levers of Self-Health as well as addressing misinformation about nutrition, exercise, fad diets and many other hot button topics.

Leveraging sports principles and his unique experiences are what drives Femi to deliver impactful, mindset-changing keynotes custom-tailored for each team to guarantee high performance.  

Femi Ayanbadejo, former NFL and founder of HealthReel on Life Beyond the Game podcast with Joe Hawley
Femi Ayanbadejo, former NFL and founder of HealthReel

Discussed in this episode:

  • Femi’s childhood in Nigeria and learning to be selfless 
  • The lessons that Femi learned from a long NFL career
  • What Femi is doing outside of football and how football prepared him for a career in human optimization 
  • Letting go of an old identity and reinventing yourself after sports
  • Balancing mental, emotional and physical health to optimize our lives
  • The power of self awareness, selflessness, respect
  • The importance of daily reflection

Tools and works from the episode:

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