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Psychotherapy Interventions: How Psilocybin Can Help Heal the Brain with Jordan Bible

In this episode of Life Beyond the Game, Joe Hawley talks with Jordan Bible. Jordan was an elite college athlete. Like other athletes, Jordan experienced his own individual challenges through and after his football career, encountering a shift in identity. 

Joe and Jordan dive into the question, “Who am I?” and how it directly relates to athletes. They also discuss the multidimensional concepts of what it takes to be an elite athlete, including the social components and how it leads to the unique challenges athletes face when they walk away from the game.

Jordan Bible’s Story

Jordan is currently a Graduate Student at The University of Denver in the school for professional psychology. Under the paradigm of sports psychology he is finishing his capstone project for the sports coaching program. After his football career ended he got into collegiate coaching and now supplements his studies as The Coach at a local high school.

After facing some mental and physical health problems attributed to his football career, Jordan has used many different natural modalities including plant medicine, yoga, and meditation to recreate himself and his identity. The dark experiences he went through enabled him to understand how many people in the world are struggling with mental health and he became passionate about helping promote healthy lifestyle changes. 

Jordan hopes that his capstone project on psilocybin-assisted therapies for elite American Football players can notify the sense of urgency for a resolution to the CTE epidemic, and would love to work in the research field of this area. Coaching is his other passion, loving to help groom young men to be better humans alongside their athletic identity.

Jordan Bible unlimited sciences author of psychotherapy interventions
Jordan Bible, Elite Athlete, Coach and Graduate Student

Discussed in this episode:

  • Jordan’s early athletic career and his experience with depression when it ended
  • Jordan’s experience with yoga and how it opened him up to his spirituality
  • How can we help athlete’s through the transition process 
  • The control and the programming that takes place in professional sports
  • The power of psychedelics, how it can improve quality of life, and their place in the collective awakening of the world
  • The power of the platform of professional sports 

Tools and works from the episode:

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