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Navigating Life's Big Transitions (Solocast)

In this episode of Life Beyond the Game, Joe dives into the recent chaos in Texas during February of 2021 and the passing of Joe's former teammate, Vincent Jackson.

Life’s big transitions are difficult, whether you’re an athlete or not. But the intention behind this podcast is to share the stories of former athletes, to expose the challenges that most people don’t see. And in today's society and culture, the emotional and mental hurdles we face, especially as men, are rarely talked about. 
As a man, Joe has learned that there is profound healing by having a safe container of other men, to openly express emotions, challenges, life moments and be supported without judgment. This is one huge aspect of The Härt Collective community. It is a place for former male professional athletes to learn, grow and network with other guys who understand what it’s like.

About Joe Hawley

Joe Hawley is a former NFL athlete turned entrepreneur, and Founder of The Härt Collective, a community built exclusively for former male professional athletes. After 8 seasons in the NFL, he retired in 2017, donated his belongings, bought a van, and traveled the US for nearly two years. He documented his experiences as Man Van Dog Blog on his YouTube channel. During his time on the road, Joe realized the unique challenges that come from transitioning out of professional athletics like the feeling of isolation and loss of identity. He knew that a community of like-minded, high-achieving former athletes who are focused on reaching their highest potential outside of sports was what he deeply desired to surround himself with which led him to create The Härt Collective in November of 2020.

NFL athlete Joe Hawley of Man Van Dog Blog founder of The Hart Collective
Joe Hawley, former NFL athlete and Founder of The Härt Collective

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