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Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace with Prince Daniels Jr.

In this episode of Life Beyond the Game, Joe Hawley talks with former NFL running back Prince Daniels Jr.

Prince and Joe start by discussing his athletic journey, from walk-on at Georgia Tech to the NFL and the discipline he cultivated along the way. Prince tells his story of the struggle that came from letting go of his childhood dream, the suicidal ideations that came with it, and how he brought himself back to life through meditation. They also dive deep into Prince’s time at a Monastery and the life lessons he has brought back with him.

Prince Daniels Jr.’s Story

Some call him half human, half monk, Prince Daniels Jr. is a former NFL running back and high performance mentor who works with high achievers and athletes to unlock their peak performance. He is the author of Mindfulness for the Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace and the creator of the Unlocking Your Peak Performance masterclass. Prince is also the founder of Game Beyond the Game, an ecosystem helping athletes find their purpose and vision in life beyond the game.

Former NFL Prince Daniels Jr on Life Beyond the Game Podcast with Joe Hawley
Prince Daniels, Jr, former NFL, author and founder of Game Beyond the Game

Discussed in this episode:

  • Prince’s early football career and how he decided he wanted to play in the NFL
  • The hardships of collegiate football at Georgia Tech and overcoming obstacles to reach his goals
  • Staying true to your vision despite the opinions and negativity of others 
  • Prince’s time in the NFL and how he honed his mindset to compete at a higher level
  • Prince’s decision to visit a monastery and how that shifted the direction of his life
  • An incredible story of suicidal ideations and how Prince pulled himself back to life through meditation
  • The difficulty of letting go of our dreams and choosing a new life path
  • Harnessing the power of meditation and stillness

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