About Joe Hawley and His Creation of the Härt Collective

Meet The Härt Collective’s Founder and CEO, Joe Hawley, former Atlanta Falcon, and Tampa Bay Buccaneer who radically transformed his life after stepping away from a successful career in the NFL. He now shares his journey and purpose while empowering others like him through The Härt Collective, an exclusive community for former male professional athletes.

Joe Hawley’s journey leading to the creation of The Härt Collective

Hawley decided to walk away from the NFL in 2017 after a successful run that resulted in 93 games, 5 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, and 3 seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  After spending 16 years of his life devoted to the love of the game of football, Joe was faced with something that every former athlete eventually has to come to terms with, the loss of his identity. He was left unsure about what to do next and wanted to explore his freedom away from the game for the first time. 

After sitting with the void that walking away from the game of football left him, Joe decided that it was time for a fresh start. This new recognition steered him into a series of extraordinary decisions. Hawley gave away most of his possessions to charity, bought a converted van, rescued a dog from the local shelter (named her Freedom), and decided to hit the road on a trip across the country. Little did he know that these decisions would completely shift his perspective on life.

Joe Hawley CEO and Founder of The Härt Collective
Joe Hawley, CEO and Founder of The Härt Collective

After traveling the USA for the better part of 2 years - learning, growing, and connecting with like-minded people - Hawley realized that the one thing missing during the transition out of athletics is access to a community of men who understand the challenges, difficulties, and who share similar experiences. Access to a solid brotherhood of guys who can support, grow, and learn from one another would  lead to empowering former male athletes to create an even more successful life for themselves after sports

This realization led Joe to create The Härt Collective, an exclusive community built for former male professional athletes.

About The Härt Collective 

The Härt Collective is a community designed specifically for high-achieving, motivated guys who are driven to becoming the best versions of themselves by finding purpose outside of athletics. The community offers a safe space for guys to communicate their experiences and support one another during their journey through life.

Members will also receive educational content from thought leaders in a variety of fields and will have the opportunity to build more personal connections through live in-person experiential retreats.

Are you ready to connect with a community of men that are like you, and who share the same goals and values as you?

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