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The Path of
the Sacred Warrior

Through the power of intention, we have the ability to create our reality. This requires us to look deep within ourselves to understand the stories that make us who we are. Once we have an awareness and understanding of these stories, and how they influence our lives, we can begin to heal and let go of our past, find our true purpose and create the future of our dreams.

6-week program

During this expansive 6-week mastermind program a small group of men, all former male professional athletes, will come together in support of a common goal - looking to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

After this program you will feel supported on your journey by connecting in a profound way with other like minded men. You will also find more meaning in your life, understand yourself on a deeper level and develop a plan, and vision, for the future.

We are all warriors capable of achieving greatness, the journey doesn’t have to be taken alone

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Includes 3 free months of THC membership

what to expect:

6-week program

Weekly 90 minute zoom call

Weekly Content built to guide you on the journey of reaching your highest potential

Small group of men who will work together and support each other through the program

Deepen connection with Self and community

Create a vision for the future

Transitioning from professional athletics is not always an easy process. This program was created to provide space for us to honor the past and dive deep into the vision we have for our future. After completing this program you will feel more connected, supported and ready to move forward with more confidence and a better understanding of who you are.