The Härt Collective is a conscious community for former male athletes. Join us for open conversation, connection and collaboration with a focus on personal growth and discovering your true purpose.

membership benefits

Access to an exclusive community of like-minded, high performing, purpose driven former male pro athletes who are focused on self-development, connection, and creating a better world.

Monthly webinars and masterclasses that include a wide variety of successful thought leaders to learn from.

Weekly guided “Heart to Heart” Drop-in calls that provide a safe container to express yourself, deeply connect with this community and support each other through this wild ride of life.

Premium content on the cutting edge of total body wellness including mind, body and spirit.

Live in-person experiential retreats and meet ups

Access to a wide variety of retreats, programs and products through our strategic partnerships


pillars of
this community


Find out who and what you are outside of the game you spent your entire life pursuing greatness at. We are truly just getting start.

Discipline, Structure, Routine


Using the tools we've developed from years of athletics to establish proper habits to enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Training our mind, developing tools and connecting with the deeper parts of our being.

Movement, Nutrition, Stillness


The one thing missing for every athlete transitioning out of sports is support from a like minded community.

Connection, Support, Collaboration


We can't become the best version of ourselves without the love and support of those closest to us. By doing the work on ourselves we will improve all of our close relationships which will lead to stronger connection and a better sex life.

Deepen Love, Holding Space, Finding Balance


Becoming life-long learners is the key to success in everything that we do. Reaching for our highest potential.

Humility, Open-minded, Eager to Learn