about us

Our founder, Joe Hawley, in 2017, after an eight year career with both the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, when injuries and stress began to take their toll on his body, mind and spirit, decided it was time to walk away from the game. Without the structure and support of the sport he had spent his entire life pursuing greatness at, he felt lost and unsure about what to do next.

After traveling the country for the better part of two years - learning, growing, and connecting with like-minded people - he realized that the one thing that's missing during the transition out of athletics was access to a community of men that know what it's like - the challenges, the difficulties, the similar experience - guys that want to support, grow, and learn from one another and create an even more successful life for themselves after sports.

Just because our playing days are over doesn't mean we can't pursue success and greatness off the field as well

This community was developed as a safe place for like minded, high achieving former athletes to find purpose, develop skills, collaborate, and create a better world for themselves, their families and their communities.

Welcome to The Härt Collective.

our values

We focus on reaching our highest potential
We take responsibility for ourselves
We live a life of Integrity
We actively participates and engage in community
We are open minded and always eager to learn

our purpose

To provide a safe container for former male professional athletes to:
Share their experience
Connect, create & collaborate
Discover their true purpose
Learn, grow and discover

our vision

To become the leading global community that not only supports athletes through transition but also comes together in order to create a positive shift in the world through our leadership, network and impact.

our team

Joe Hawley

Founder & CEO

Katie Schwartz

Executive Assistant

Kristin Trimble

Operations Manager

Advisory Board

Ken Ruettgers

Green Bay Packers '85-'96
NFL Transition Coach

Dan Doty

Co-Founder EVRYMAN
Men's Emotional Health Expert

Erick Godsey

"The Myths That Make Us" podcast
Cognitive, Evolutionary and Jungian Psychologist

Nick Hardwick

San Diego Chargers '04-'14
Health and Wellness Expert

Ashanti Branch

Founder - The Ever Forward Club
Men's Emotional Health Advocate

Laura Dawn

Thought Leader on Psychedelics
Plant Medicine Advocate